Welcome to HeavyBeats

It’s the home of HeavyBeats showcasing some of the heaviest electronic dance music from around the World.

Everything is here from my journey through Radio from Capital, Radio 1 and Kiss to being on air with Tomorrowland.

There is Revealed Selected, HeavyBeats HeavyHitters, and my musical trip as #HeavyBeats the DJ and Producer.

My #HeavyBeats production style. My tracks forge inspirations from my journey to now. HeavyBeats, Bass, and lots of energy and space. From Tech to Drum and Bass with Techno and House sewn into the fray. My #HeavyBeats production style is all about taking things that didn’t exist together to create something new. I have a history of working with audio so I love to manipulate sounds. “Creating a track from a bank of samples has me smiling and bouncing around the studio”.

I would say “If you are like me and LOVE Tech, Bass, and Techno but need something a little different, then you are in the perfect place. Welcome to HeavyBeats.

The Past

Let’s call this the start!

Here’s a plotted timeline of how what brands took my time up in the music industry. Sometimes things don’t stop so these were not one at once.

The details are out there if you want them or just ask me what you want to know either on socials or through our contact page OR even better in person!

START – 1997 • LCR (Loughborough Campus Radio) • Capital FM Cafe • Liberty Radio • BBC – Radio 1 • Capital FM • Key 103 Manchester • LMP Presents • LMP Recordings • Kiss • Ministry Of Sound • Amsterdam Dance Event • HeavyBeats • Tomorrowland • Capital • Magic FM • Bauer Academy • Revealed • #HeavyBeats

So that’s some of you need to know about the past. See if you can place the pictures with the places!

The Present

You will possibly get taught by me. You will possibly hear me on radio shows and podcasts. You will possibly see me on YouTube or at a club or festival.

All of those things are floating around in my world and there is another creative place you’ll find me a lot.

Having spent a lot of time working on enhancing other people’s powers, I decided it was finally time to see if I could listen to my own advice “Don’t be that person who wishes”. I wish I could do that ..I wish I had done that…If you want something you have to change what you are doing and create it. It’s all on you and a good friend challenged me and said “Have you gone all-in on Dance music?”..My initial response was “HELL YEAH, look at my past..I’ve done nothing but go all in. He asked the same question again “HAVE YOU GONE ALL IN ON DANCE MUSIC?”. This time I immediately knew the answer was no!

There was a musical gap I’d flirted with in the past but never focussed enough on. Making music!

I’ve been blessed to be in some amazing studios with amazing producers so it’s fair to say I’ve picked up a lot of good habits. Now much like a DJ, and here is the thing no DJ ever says …you start doing it because you believe you can be better than the best or because they don’t play what you would!

Well, I’m saying the same thing right now on production. There is so much amazingly well-made music but I get a lot of promos and music sent to me and it’s not all fitting in my DJ sets as it doesn’t all reflect my sound and energy. So you start to make your own. And another and another and then you get hooked.

In the studio, I’m in flow and have my patterns and paths that seem to get me to a great place. Learning new habits and understanding new plugins and tools. Every track is a jigsaw puzzle and I love putting those pieces together to form something original. As a creative it really allows you to ‘play’ and have fun. It’s like scoring a goal, try or securing a PB. That feeling when it comes together is precious and addictive.

The learning never stops and every track you make is better than the last one so in my mind technically I’ve released the worst track I’ve ever made as my 1st release! Good job I’m really happy with it still!

I was looking through my Beatport charts that I’ve made over the years and this is the truth. I’ve been doing them for 10 years. This year is the first year in all of that I’ve done a chart and put MY OWN PRODUCTION at the top! It has taken me 10 YEARS!

The Future

We can’t put the future here. It hasn’t happened yet. So here is a recent interview that you will see in a publication in the near future.

Where are you from? 
Leicester via London
How long have you been playing? 
Over 20 Years
Where do you discover and buy your music? 
A while back I ran a label called LMP Recordings alongside our club brand (Like-Minded People Presents) I thought this was the best way to find new music but actually I just got swamped and couldn’t manage to focus on all of the talented artists we were trying to build so now I keep it simple. There are over 60k tracks added to Spotify a day so I love crate digging on Beatport looking for new labels and artists alongside my tried and trusted favorites to supplement the music I get sent.
What makes me different from the rest? 
My alias #HeavyBeats is that sweet spot between Tech and Techno. I’ve seen a lot and heard a lot. This is different. It’s made for the floor, not Spotify.
From Ministry Of Sound tours to booking Zane Lowe to DJ at our own event. I’ve booked a DJ and have not been able to pay them. I’ve worked, danced, and learned at the biggest events around the world.
I’ve got a different audio story to share with you that hasn’t been heard yet!
What kind of crowd is your music tailored towards and do you have a specific target audience you are focused on?
I love hit music and popular songs but you won’t find them in my sets. I like to go dark and surprise you making you love tracks you didn’t know you needed in your life. My crowd is energetic and up for it and they love ‘Heavy Kicks’ and ‘Big Bass’ with lots of percussive elements.
Do you find yourself more comfortable playing opening sets as opposed to the peak hour and do you prefer playing smaller, humbler venues over larger ones? 
I love working the floor and the detail you have to give to the audience before the headliner. I wouldn’t say I’m a headliner as I don’t play ’the big hits” but when you see my set you’ll know I know what I know and you’ll trust me to get you to where you need to go! There was a saying a while back #TrustTheDJ
Details on releases! What can you share?
I’m sat on a lot of unsigned tracks but I do have 2 Eps coming next spring and summer with Shodan Records. Very excited to share them with you. Ep one has  ‘Get Busy’ and ‘Alienz’  on it and Ep 2 has ‘Jungle Rumble’ and ‘16FiftyOne’. They are HEAVY!
Noteworthy parties or festivals you’re playing at.
Catch me at Tomorrowland Winter 2022 and Tomorrowland Belgium 2022! The other dates will be announced on my insta @HeavyBeats