HeavyBeats HeavyHitters is our chance to hand the decks over to amazing talent that exists within our industry.

Our HeavyHitters are interviewed by #HeavyBeats host @AdamKDJ so you get to know about the people behind the beats.

#HeavyBeats HeavyHitters Tracklusts, Photos, and Exclusive content will appear on Instagram @HeavyBeats

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Sergio Gaytan

Playing tracks by #HeavyBeats, T78, David Tort, James Hype and Vikthor.


Playing tracks by Len Faki, Armin Van Buuren & Tempo Giusto, Argy (uk), MOTVS, Euro Trash and more.


Playing tracks by Sam Paganini, Henerix + Celeda, Moulinex, Miganova, Mikele + Christos Forks and more.


Playing tracks by Monika Kruse, Greg Notill, Ilija Djokovic, Markantonio, Alex Stein and more.


Playing tracks by Idris Elba, Y-DAPT, Tim Cullen, buMMer, Shouse and more.


Playing tracks by Nuss, Matias Stradini, ABYSSVM, Adrian Hex, Kalkara, Rebel Boy, SAM WOLFE, AiKAi and more.


Playing tracks by Maddox, Rampa, Patrice Baumel, Hauswerks & Doorly, Dubesque and more.

Abolengo Club

Playing tracks by Nicky Night Time, Jerome Robins, Return of the JAded, Cris Ferro & Xeno, Kuestenklatsch, HKNC, Gabriele Intrivici and more.