Horatio x Eternal x #HeavyBeats Remix Shodan Records

The dance music industry is made up like any industry of partnerships and collaborations and let me tell you about how this Horatio collaboration came about!

Years of supporting his music and labels we started talking more and as my production journey was starting I suggested Horatio let me remix one his upcoming releases. I’d worked on many different versions using 90s influences and that Joey Beltram energy!

We got it just right and tested it and tested it. I sent Horatio the final and he was involved!

Before that happened we go back further to an invite to be a #HeavyBeats HeavyHitter. Check out Episode 0820 as we handed over the decks to the Romanian powerhouse DJ, Producer and Label Owner of @naturalrhythmofficial. Follow him on Insta @Horatioofficial.

Now the industry is switched onto this guy as Carl Cox keeps playing his Round Table Nights mix of CALYPSO everywhere! Seriously go and see for yourself. Thats just one example of the support he has been getting so to be part of the Shodan family and involved with Horatio t such a time is. Blessing.

What’s even more exciting is that his label have signed 2 #HeavyBeats Eps due to be released in early 2022.

Check the remixes and original and wait till you hear it out LIVE. It’s HEAVY!