Welcome to #HeavyBeats showcasing some of the heaviest electronic dance music from around the World. Mixed over 4 decks and presented by @AdamKDJ.

So early into freedom and there are some serious HEAVYBEATS being made and supplying us with endless energy and it’s that time of the month to SHARE just some of them with you from the past, present, and future.

Now available in vision on our YouTube page, you can watch this mix as well as listen in all the usual streaming sites.
Leave us a comment of where you are listening from, and we’ll get you on the next episode!

Respect to all the producers for making the beats during these difficult days.
We owe it to each other to keep inspiring and motivating ourselves to step
forward into the unknown.
Together. We got this.

See the producer tagged tracklust on Instagram @HeavyBeats